Qing Dynasty An Important Yongzheng Doucai Petal-Lobed Zun Vase
Yongzheng Double-Circled Six-Character Mark and of the Period

Dong Qichang Ming Dynasty
Snow Mountains

An Exquisite Outstanding Famille-Rose Floral and Fruit Reticulated Hexagonal Vase
Qing Dynasty, Qianlong Six-Golden-Character Seal Mark and of the Period (1736-1795)

An Outstanding Zhongqui-In-The-Garden Blue And White Meiping Vase
Ming Dynasty, Hongwu Six-Character Seal-Mark and of the Period (1368-1398)

Han Dynasty Bronze Warrior on Horse Back with Spear

Tang Dynasty Portrait of Hanshan by Wu Taozi

Qing Dynasty Famille-Rose Enamel and Gold on Red Ground Meiping, scene of eight horses painted by Lang Xining, Qianlong Mark and Period

Qing Dynasty Famille-Rose Enamel Eight Peaches Vase Yongzheng Mark and Period

Ying Yung Ting
King of West Chu

Qi Baishi
Mandarin Ducks in Lotus Pond
Gianguan Auctions


Gianguan to Sell U.N.-Displayed China Farmers' Arts, May 25

Exhibition: UN Headquarter 5/22 - 5/23
Auction: Gianguan Auctions Sunday 5/25 2:30pm
(Preview: Sat 5/24 11am - 6pm)

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Preview of Kwong Lum Collection in Kwong Lam Museum of Art in China, Xinhui

The Kwong Lum's Museum of Art located on the north edge of Xinhui district in the city of Jiangmen. It was built with funding from the local government. Its collections are contributed by Mr. Kwong Lum, a prestigious overseas Chinese collector living in the U.S. The museum laid a foundation in Sep.2009, and will occupy an area of more than 5500 square meters. It was designed to become a cultural exhibition center which has multiple functions, including art exhibition, heritage collection and education. The Kwong Lum's Museum of Art will open officially in September, 2014.

Completed Building
Inside the Building (Preview of Kwong Lum's Collection)

Preview of Sai Yang Tang Collection Return of Treasures to China, New York City


A project funded by Jiangmen Xinhui Cultural Department as part of the Permanent Collection to be housed in the Kwong Lam's Museum of Art
Slated to open in September, 2013.

Kwong Lam Museum of Art


Part of Kwong Lam's Collection
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Chinese artist Kwong Lum presents artwork to Johnson Museum

NEW YORK - The Chinese artist Kwong Lum, who is best known for ink splash paintings, a technique that adapts the ancient art of calligraphy to abstract paintings, recently endowed Cornell University's Johnson Museum with a painting titled Excerpt from a Poem by Li Bai...[READ MORE]

Picures at the Cornell Asian Alumni Association Banquet:

Kwong Lum Books:

Wang Linxu Hyper-Realism Art Exhibition

Wang Linxu, a master artist of Chinese traditional paintings has his inaugural one man show at New York's Hong Kong Auction Gallery on April 5, 2011. At the opening ceremony were China's ambassador to the United Nations, Li Bao Tong and Deputy Consul General, Xu Nanshan.

Known for his Bamboo paintings, many of which have been highly valued and thus have been presented at ambassadorial occasions in China, Wang, inspired by world class artist like Monet and Matisse, has successfully explored a new way to use Chinese ink and splashing it on paper, together with gold and silver material, to display lighting and colors, as western artists have in conveying their images in abstract forms. From the thirty some paintings in this show, audiences are let in to see the development of his Hyper-realism pursuit and the ultimate beauty it attained after an arduous journey of twenty five years.

(From April 9, 2011 to May 5, Hyper-Realism will be shown in Towson College Asian Arts Center)

Wang Linxu

Asia Week NYC 2012

Gianguan Auctions New York participated in Asia Week NYC during the week of March 16-24.

Gallery Tour and Lecture at New York HK Auctions

CAAA, and the Cornell Club-NY, co-sponsored a standing-room-only event on Wednesday, August 18, 2010. Sixty people braved the heat, to visit the New York HK Auctions Gallery. They got a tour the showrooms; and a lecture from owner, Kwong Lum. The subject of a recent four-part series by China Central Television, Mr. Lum is one of the world's foremost experts on Asian Art. In fact, a new art museum is being built in China to house some of his collection. Mr. Lum brought priceless pieces from his collection to the podium, and showed us why they are priceless: the techniques; colors; glazing; imperial markings; etc.

Mr. Lum, and four other members of his staff, circulated among both showrooms before and after the lecture. They made sure to answer personally all questions. Attendees were thrilled by items ranging from pre-dynastic jade pieces circa 6500 B.C., to paintings from modern, post-Mao China. Whether Shang Dynasty Bronzes from 1500 BC, or personal items, from several Emperors and Sun Yat Sen, were asked about by the guests, Mr. Lum and his staff were able to put each item into historic and artistic context; and explain the estimated value of each piece.

Guests were the first to be told about the CAAA 20th annual banquet on Sat., Jan. 22, 2011. Several people signed up for the mailing list, just to get more information on the dinner. The Cornell Club-NY supplied drinks, a bartender, and snacks. The Hong Kong gallery also had sandwiches waiting for us.

The Cornell Club-NY, CAAA, and Mr. Lum were all thrilled by the number of guests on a hot August day; and their high engagement level with the subject matter. Mr. Lum would welcome a return engagement; and wants to know what we'd like to hear about next. Would we like an art discussion about a particular dynasty; or would we prefer to concentrate on a particular art form such as: jade; porcelain; bronze; or ink? Please email us, and let us know what you think.

- Event review & photos courtesy of Matthew Palumbo

China Institute Chinese Lecture


Mr. Kwong Lum

On Saturday, March 6, the Renwen Society at China Institute presents a lecture by the legendary art collector Mr. Kwong Lum (Lin Ji-guang) on the porcelain ware from the royal kilns during the Ming and Qing Dynasties.

A New York-based Chinese-American artist, calligrapher, poet, art and literary critic, and connoisseur of classical Chinese art, Mr. Lum is currently the Chairman of Hong Kong Auction International, Inc. and Director of the International Society of Chinese Art Collectors. He is also the chief advisor for the National Museum of China.

In China, porcelain enjoys a long history, which could be considered as a representative symbol of Chinese traditional culture. In the history of Chinese porcelain, the porcelain wares from the Ming and Qing Dynasties royal kilns can be classified as the most valuable and classic examples of porcelain art in the entire world. In the past, porcelain wares from loyal kilns were owned by the imperial family; later, those porcelain wares became the dream want of every famous antique collector in history. When it comes to recent art market, once Chinese porcelain wares from loyal kilns appear at auction, not only the domestic and foreign individual collectors purchase them, but also a large variety of international institutions and consortia would flock to compete.

Mr. Kwong Lum (Lin Ji-guang) , a legendary art collector, who is also a New York-based Chinese-American artist, calligrapher, poet, art and literary critic, and connoisseur of classical Chinese art, gave a comprehensive lecture at China Institute to the public to help them implement their understanding of Chinese porcelain wares. In the lecture, Mr. Lum firstly illustrated the main characteristics of Chinese porcelain wares from loyal kilns and interpreted their popularity at auction recently. In addition, he introduced the most distinguishing processes of technical innovation the loyal kilns had gone through in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, including the skills of pot making, firing techniques and glaze making. Lastly, he highlighted several practical knacks for amateurs to teach them how they could quickly and effectively identify the counterfeit and the genuine among the Ming and Qing porcelain wares.

Mr. Lum is currently the Chairman of Hong Kong Auction International, Inc. and Director of the International Society of Chinese Art Collectors. He also serves as the chief advisor for the National Museum of China. Recently, in honor of his outstanding accomplishments in Chinese art, the City of Jiangmen of Guangdong Province in China is constructing a magnificent art museum in his name, which will be the first ever built for a living artist in China. In addition, CCTV recently produced and aired a 4-part TV program featuring Mr. Lum and his collections. Clips of the program have been played at the lecture as well.

The Masterstroke, a Retrospective Exhibition of Master Ting Ying Tung (1902-1978)

Ji Chaozhu - Book Signing
The Man on Mao's Right: From Harvard Yard to Tiananmen Square, My Life Inside China's Foreign Ministry

Released on Feb. 1, 2009

Exhibition of Yixing Zisha Teapots - Ming & Qing Dynasties

Lecture by Chow Fong, Former Curator of Asian Gallery, Met